It’s summer, a.k.a. wedding season!

Wedding BackupYou’re probably spending time dealing with little details and preparations for your big day. You’re subscribing to the “everything has to be perfect” philosophy and you don’t want anything to ruin your special day.

Your special day will be fine. What you should be worried about after spending thousands of dollars on photography is the random Wednesday two years from now when your phone or computer goes on the fritz and all of those digital photos are gone. Forever….

You call the photographer. He or she reminds you that the contract states that he/she doesn’t store or back-up your photos. “I couldn’t possibly save everything with how busy we are with weddings” you’re told. He/she asks you, “Well, you’ve got online back-up, don’t you?” You cringe.

Online backup. It was on your list, but somehow picking our stationery was more exciting. And that CD that the photographer provided? You’ve moved twice since the wedding, and who knows which box “somewhere safe” is. Where the heck was your Best Person with this advice about backing-up your computer files?

Fear not – check out our page on the best online backup services to help save your stuff. It’s really easy, even if it’s not as fun as the cake tasting. And unlike seating your divorced aunt and uncle at the same table, you won’t regret it.

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