Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 19, 2012

Welcome to the privacy policy page.  Our privacy policy states how we collect, use, and secure personal information.  It also describes the rights you have regarding our use of your personal information.

Information We Collect

As with most websites, our server automatically collects information about your domain name, IP address, computer screen size, browser, operating system, and which pages on our site that you visit.  We use this information to improve and respond to your questions or comments.

We collect your email address if you choose to contact us with a question or comment, or choose to write a comment on one of our blog posts.  We only use your email address to respond to your email.  We never share your email address with any third-party and we do not send marketing emails at this time. Should you choose to login via a social network to leave a comment, we will collect your basic profile information from your chosen social network. When logging in via a social network, you will be asked to allow to access your information. If you do not explicitly give us permission to access your basic information, then we will not collect any of your information. This information is never shared with any third parties. You may request to have your information removed from our system at any time.

If you choose to submit a review on a product featured on, then we collect the information that you provide to us through our rating widget along with your IP address. We ask for your name, location, a title for your review, and your review comments. We associate your IP address with this information and secure it using industry standard security practices in our database. If at any time you wish to have your information removed from our database, please contact us at and we will be happy to remove your information.

Our third-party affiliates collect information about how you access their site from  We have access to this information and use it to create better advertising tailored to our users and to offer reviews on better products for our users.

Use of Cookies

We may use cookies to track what pages users visit on our site and to track which links users click.  This information is not personally identifiable.  Our third-party affiliate sites may use cookies to track our referral to their site.  For example, the third-party affiliate will save a cookie indicating that your IP address was referred to their site from  If you choose to leave a comment and login using a social login (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) then our social login software will store cookies to indicate which service you chose. This information is used to better understand which marketing campaigns and links are most effective. Should you choose to indicate a customer review's helpfulness, we will store cookie information about your choice. This information can be deleted an any time by removing all cookies from from your web browser.


We take security very serious at  The security of your personal information is important to us and while we understand that no transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed 100% secure, we follow generally accepted industry standards to secure your information.

Third-Party Websites contains links to third-party affiliate sites.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these third-party affiliate sites and do not maintain their privacy policies.  Please refer to these third-party affiliate sites for information on their privacy practices.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at:

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