10 Best Online Backup Services for 2018

Today your information is more important than ever. Imagine all of a sudden that your computer won't turn on and you lose all your personal photos, videos, music, and documents you hold dear and spent a lot of your time collecting. Imagine sitting at your favorite coffee shop working on your laptop, you get up to get a napkin, turn around and your laptop is gone! And your work is due tomorrow! These situations can all be avoided by using one of these 10 best online backup services. The cost for a services' most popular plan is listed below. See the comparison page for more info.

Best Online Backup Service - MyPCBackup







Best Choice MyPCBackup Top 10 Best Online Backup $7.95 / mo
  • 250GB Backup Storage Space
  • Sync Multiple Devices
  • Mobile File Access - Access Files Anywhere
  • File Protection - Encrypted and Secure
The Best
2 JustCloud Top 10 Best Online Backup $7.95 / mo
  • 250GB Backup Storage Space
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • Mobile File Access - Access Files Anywhere
  • File Protection - Encrypted and Secure
Unlimited Backup
3 ZipCloud Top 10 Best Online Backup $7.95 / mo
  • 250GB Backup Storage Space
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • Mobile File Access - Access Files Anywhere
  • File Protection - Encrypted and Secure
Easy To Use
4 Carbonite Top 10 Best Online Backup $4.92 / mo
  • Unlimited Backup Storage Space
  • Anywhere Access
  • Bank-level Privacy Protection
  • Easy Restore - Courier Recovery
Easy For Beginners
5 Mozy Top 10 Best Online Backup $5.49 / mo
  • Near-Continuous Data Protection
  • Secure Data Encryption
  • Multiple Restore Options
  • Mozy Stash - Automatic File Sync
Best Restore Options
6 SugarSync Top 10 Best Online Backup $8.33 / mo
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Simple Folder & File Sharing
  • Secure Online Backup
  • Sync Multiple Devices
Best Syncing Devices
7 SOS Top 10 Best Online Backup $6.66 / mo
  • Super Fast Backup
  • Unlimited Versioning
  • Social Backup - Save Facebook
  • Engage Live Protect - Continuous Backup
Facebook Backup
8 Livedrive Top 10 Best Online Backup $6.66 / mo
  • Unlimited Backup Storage Space
  • View Files Anywhere
  • Super Fast Transfers
  • Files 100% Safe and Secure
Fastest Backup
9 SafeSync Top 10 Best Online Backup $7.50 / mo
  • Anywhere Access
  • Bank-level Encryption
  • Easy File Sharing
  • SafeSync Easy File Syncing
Secure Backup
10 ElephantDrive Top 10 Best Online Backup $9.95 / mo
  • Universal Access to Files
  • Advanced Encryption and Secure Transfer
  • Easy and Secure File Sharing
  • Intelligent Software - Fast Backups
Easy File Sharing

Key Features and What To Look For

There are many online backup services out there....so which is the best? What do you look for in an online backup service? Your files are important and you need a service that will protect those files. Online backup offers many advantages over other backup methods like using CDs or external hard drives. First, you don't need to carry around extra CDs, hard drives, or USB flash drives. All you need is an internet connection. This is especially nice if you travel a lot with your laptop since you can get internet access almost anywhere. Online backup services also offer "off site" backup. If your laptop gets stolen or a disaster strikes your home and you lose your computer, you will not lose your important data with an online backup service. It is an affordable way to give you peace of mind and protect your irreplaceable files.


Obviously price is very important. Most online backup services offer pricing on a monthly or yearly basis. Since you will probably want to continue to save your data for a long time, the yearly price is best for most users. When you purchase at least 1 year of online backup, these companies usually offer a discount and it is a much better deal than the monthly pricing. Prices can differ greatly with these online backup services, so be sure to consider how much backup space you are getting for the price when comparing these services. Check out our comparison page for the different pricing offered by these online backup companies.


Online backup companies now offer many more services than they did in the past. Some of the coolest new features involve access to your files using your mobile device. You can also sync all your devices using one account, so your tablet, mobile phone, and desktop computer can all be up-to-date with your latest files. Imagine taking a picture on your Android or iPhone and having it almost instantly appear in your pictures folder on your computer. You can access your files from any device, so if you are working on a presentation and your desktop computer crashes, you could use your laptop to finish it without losing your work. These services offer automatic scheduled backups and continual backups. Continual backups will sync your files to your online storage the moment you save them locally. You have the ability to choose which folders use this automatic continual syncing. Some of these services include the ability to backup files that are in use, so you don't have to stop writing that paper, or close your email to have it backed up. Another nice feature to look for is versioning, or saving multiple versions of your files. If you backup a document then update the document and perform a backup again, both versions are saved by your online backup service. You then have the ability to restore an older version of the file if you want. The different features offered by each online backup service can be seen in our comparison page.

Ease of Use

Using online backup services should be simple and hassle free. These companies have put a lot of effort into making their software and services very easy to use. Most offer a backup wizard which will automatically choose your pictures, documents, and email folders for backup. Of course, you can always customize which files you backup and how often you back them up. When new files are added to the selected folders, they are automatically added to the backup list. Once configured, these backup services run seamlessly in the background without any intervention needed by the user. Some will even send you an email if a backup fails, so if you don't get notified of an error, you can feel confident that your files are being backed up successfully.


Speed can be an important factor when choosing an online backup service. Most of the time users will configure automatic backups to run in the early morning hours when their computer is not in use. However, you don't want these backups to be so slow that they are not complete by the time you go to use your computer later in the day. This can depend on your internet connection speed, but also the online backup service speed. If you choose to perform continual backup, you want the service run in the background and not affect your computer's performance. The online backup service should also be able to serve your files to you quickly if you need to restore them. If your computer crashes, you want to be able to restore your large files, such as an outlook email file, without having to wait hours. Please be aware that the initial backup of your files can take a long time depending on the size of your backup. The best online backup services offer incremental backup as a way of speeding up your subsequent backups. Incremental backup will only backup the files that have changed since your last backup.


It can be a little unnerving sending your files off to "the cloud", not really knowing where they are stored. The best online backup services respect your privacy and put a lot of time into protecting their customers. You should look for an online backup service that uses the most current encryption standards (such as AES-128 or better) for your data while transmitting and storing it on their servers. This means that the online backup companies won't be able to see your files. You will have access to decrypt and restore these files only after you enter a password that the online backup company does not know. So be careful not to lose your password. These companies also have multiple storage sites in different physical locations where your files are redundantly stored. So if one of their facilities is destroyed, your data is still safe at the other locations.

Customer Support

These online backup services are designed to be easy to use and most have setup wizards to easily configure your backup files and settings. However, sometimes problems do come up. It is nice to know you can find help and support if you need it. Should you need more help, these online backup companies can be reached by phone, email, or live chat, and they offer user support forums and knowledge bases as well.