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Founded: 1996

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BlueHost has been providing quality web hosting to individuals and businesses with the goal of delivering outstanding services for the best price. They are constantly upgrading and innovating to meet the changing needs of their customers.

BlueHost uses their own custom Linux kernel for their server, custom build their servers and have their own nationwide fiber network so you can be assured that their technology is at the highest level and will meet your needs.

They have a very straightforward approach to web hosting and offer one simple plan with most features included standard. From the first click to signup through launching your website, BlueHost has a simple setup which starts with their easy to use website and pricing plans.


BlueHost offers a great value for the cost.  They have one of the most straightforward pricing plans we've seen with one "Standard" Plan which includes activation, setup, and domain registration for free. Currently they are offering $7.95 / month pricing for a 12-month term.

Standard Plan Details:

12-Month Term24-Month Term36-Month Term
$8.95 / mo $7.95 / mo $6.95 / mo
Billed $107.40 Billed $190.80 Billed $250.20

The plan pricing listed is the regular rate. BlueHost offers domain privacy ($9.95/yr), Site Backup Pro ($12.95/yr), and "SiteLock" Domain Security ($12.95/yr) for added costs. Be aware that these extras are selected by default when signing up, so make sure to uncheck them if you do not wish to purchase them.

BlueHost does also offer a "Pro" plan for $19.95 / mo with a 12-month term. The "Pro" Plan includes free domain privacy, free Site Backup Pro, more server resources, free dedicated IP, 10 Postini Anti-Spam email accounts, and a free SSL certificate included in the price. Again one of the most straightforward approaches to web hosting pricing. They also offer a nice alternative payment method allowing customers to pay using their PayPal accounts.

BlueHost also offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee. You are guaranteed a full refund within the first 30 days minus a $10 fee for your domain. After that the refund is prorated so you will only be refunded for the remaining unused time on your account. You will also still have access to the domain manager if you cancel your hosting account so you can manage the domains you have purchased through BlueHost.


BlueHost offers most of the features you come to expect from a top web hosting service included in their "Standard" Plan. Google Webmaster Tools are integrated into the control panel as well as Google Apps allowing you to integrate your Google calendar, docs, mail, sites, and blog into your website.

Core Features
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer Bandwidth
Unlimited Hosted Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Web Creation & Design Services
Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
Template-Based Site Builder
Personalized Domain Name (1 Free Domain)
Blogs and Forums
Photo Galleries
Social Networking Scripts
Google Apps Wizard
Marketing Tools
Google Webmaster Tools
$75 Google AdWords Credit
$25 Yahoo!/Bing Search Credit (US and Canada)
Free Listing
SEO Tools
Mailing Lists
Unlimited Domain Email Addresses
Webmail Access
Email Forwarding
Spam Assassin Protection
Virus Checking
Hosting Technology
Straightforward cPanel Control Panel
24/7 Network Monitoring
Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers
Visitor Stats & Site Traffic Reporting
Courtesy Site Backups
True Resource Protection - Dedicated Server Performance
Customer Support
Extensive Online Help Center & Knowledge Base
24/7 Phone, Email, & Live Chat Support
Ticket Support System
Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
US-based Support

Ease of Use

BlueHost is straightforward web hosting, period. From the signup to website setup, the process is simple. When signing up, you first pick a domain name and BlueHost will check if it is available. If it is the next screen will allow you to other domain extensions with a simple click for only $10 each. They use the simple cPanel control panel and allow potential customers to try a demo of their control panel before they signup. This is a great feature that we wish all web hosting services provided. The control panel neatly organizes the ton of features offered by BlueHost and you don't need to be a programmer to figure out your website management. BlueHost's website is laid out very nicely and easy to navigate.

BlueHost also offers a vast array of add-on scripts that are very simple to integrate into your site. These include blogs (WordPress), forums (phpBB), content management (Joomla, Drupal), mailing lists (iContact), photo galleries (coppermine), eCommerce (iPayment), and many more. Integration is as simple as going to the "SimpleScripts" section and clicking on the add-on you desire then clicking "Install".


BlueHost guarantees network 99.9% uptime and has 24/7 network monitoring, backup generators, courtesy site backups, multiple 10 Gigabit connections to locations all over the world. All of these features help ensure reliable web hosting and a website that your visitors can always get to.

Marketing Tools

BlueHost offers a nice array of marketing tools and credits so you can try different avenues of marketing your site.

  • Integrated Google Webmaster Tools - optimize your site for top search results
  • $75 Google AdWords Credit
  • $25 Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search Credits
  • Free
  • Template Web Design Services
  • Search Engine Submission and Optimization using Attracta

BlueHost also offers a bunch of web design services to help you customize your site and make an attractive site that many visitors enjoy coming to. You can monitor which marketing tools give you the best results so you can target only the tools and keywords that produce marketing results for your site. This will allow you to pick the best tool once your free credits run out.

BlueHost collects visitor statistics and site traffic information using Webalizer and Awstats, industry standard visitor tracking tools. This is an invaluable feature as it helps you target future visitors, know where your current visitors are coming from, and adjust the design of your site to make it work better for you.

Customer Support

BlueHost help center is not part of the control panel but is laid out very nicely. It has a knowledge base and a step-by-step video tutorials section that are easy to search and understand. BlueHost also has 24/7 US-based phone, email, and live chat support. The support features are prominently displayed on BlueHost's homepage so they are easy to find and access. BlueHost's best support comes from their phone support where their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and wait times are very short. Email inquiries are answered in the timely fashion and live chat wait times are short. BlueHost spends a lot of time ensure their customers get great support.

BlueHost also has a "Founder's Blog" section of their website. Here the original founder of BlueHost gives updates about the company, current challenges, where they are headed, and new features when they become available. This is a nice service to customers so they can see how their web hosting provider is managed and where the company is headed. It brings an added level of comfort and peace of mind.

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I've been using BlueHost for over 8 years. They host my business website, and they've been extremely reliable. The customer service is especially good - they have always been helpful in answering questions, even if they're beyond the scope of what BlueHost does. (I usually ask for some technical advice and they're generally very helpful with this!)
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