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Go Daddy is one of the best known domain registrars and web hosting service providers out there. One-third of the Internet runs through their servers, so they know what they are doing when is comes to web services.

They offer world-class services and support, more extra features than most other web hosting services, and the expertise to go along with these features. Go Daddy is also very active in the community, so if you are looking for a company that gives back, choose Go Daddy.

Go Daddy touts their 4GH or 4th Generation Hosting as better than all competitors offering advanced features like dynamic traffic management and on demand server scalability. These features basically mean that your website will be able to handle as much traffic as you can generate to it and also be highly reliable with 99.9% uptime.


Go Daddy offers 3 plans, "Economy", "Deluxe", and "Ultimate".  We compare the "Deluxe" plan here as it most closely resembles other web hosting providers plans at a similar price. These plans do not appear to have an introductory price right now, but you can get a discount for signing up for longer term contracts. Instant activation and setup are included in the price, however, each domain registration is an additional $1.99/yr.

Economy Plan Details:

Term 3-Month 12-Month 24-Month 36-Month
Cost / mo $5.99 $5.19 $4.59 $3.99
Billed As $17.97 $62.28 $110.16 $143.64

Deluxe Plan Details:

Term 1-Month 12-Month 24-Month 36-Month
Cost / mo $7.99 $6.79 $5.99 $7.95
Billed As $7.99 $81.48 $143.76 $186.84

Ultimate Plan Details:

Term 1-Month 12-Month 24-Month 36-Month
Cost / mo $14.99 $11.99 $10.49 $8.99
Billed As $14.99 $143.88 $251.76 $323.64

The plan pricing listed is the regular rate. When signing up for Go Daddy, they allow you to customize your order with a massive amount of extra offers. This makes the ordering process take longer than other web hosting services, but the nice thing is that none of these features are selected by default. So if you do not wish to add any extras, just skip to the bottom of the page and click "No Thanks". The extras include domain privacy ($11.99/yr), unlimited email storage ($2.99/mo), SSL Certificates ($69.99/yr), search engine visibility ($2.99/mo), easy database (database templates) ($1.99/mo), and site scanner ($3.99/mo) for added costs.

Some of these features will help your site like search engine visibility and others are not worth paying for unless you are going to use them like unlimited email storage. You can always add these features later if you like.

Go Daddy unlike many other web hosting services in that they do not offer a Money Back Guarantee but rather will just prorate a refund depending on your date of cancellation. Also, domain registrations fees are non-refundable like other web hosting services.


Go Daddy offers a amazing array of features with their service and it might be overwhelming at first. Your site can be hosted with Linux or Windows operating systems. Go Daddy also uses 4th Generation Hosting. This includes dynamic server management for reliability using a multi-server environment, dynamic traffic management for performance using load balancing technologies, and dynamic defense management for security by blocking malicious attacks and preventing problems before they even start.

While Go Daddy only offers 150GB of disk space and 25 MySQL databases in the "Deluxe" plan, most personal and small to medium businesses won't use more than this so the lack of unlimited features is not a problem. You can always think about purchasing the "Ultimate" plan which adds unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases, premium DNS, SSL Certificate, site scanner, and $50 more of Bing/Yahoo ad credits if you need these features. They also offer a dedicated IP address for $5.99 / mo.

Core Features
150GB Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer Bandwidth
Unlimited Hosted Domains
25 MySQL Databases
Web Creation & Design Services
Site Builders
Personalized Domain Name ($1.99 / yr)
Photo Galleries
Shopping Carts
Marketing Tools
Google Webmaster Tools
$100 Google AdWords Credit
$50 Yahoo!/Bing Search Credit
$50 Facebook Ad Credit
10 Fotolia Photo Credits
Noah's Classifieds
Google Analytics Integration
500 Domain Email Addresses
Webmail Access
Email Forwarding
Catch-All Addresses
Fraud, Spam, and Virus Checking
Email Privacy & Protection with 256-Bit Encryption
Hosting Technology
4GH Web Hosting
24/7 Network Monitoring
Site Hosted on Multiple Servers
Visitor Stats & Site Traffic Reporting
Automatic Protection from Intrusion and Malware Attacks
Customer Support
Online Help Center & Knowledge Base
24/7 Phone & Email Support
Support Blog & Forums
Video Step-by-Step Tutorials

Ease of Use

Go Daddy's amount of features can be daunting at first, but with a little patience they can be easy to use. Go Daddy uses their own control panel with a ton of information available at your fingertips for everything from email settings to installing blog scripts. They also provide reviews of each script and add-on so you can choose the best. Be aware that when initially setting up your domain or making significant changes to your site, these may take a while to become ready. This is different from most other web hosting services that have instant setup and activation. Go Daddy does nicely integrate Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics into their control panel making it easy to optimize your site for search engines.

You don't need to be a veteran web programmer to use Go Daddy's features as they offer many add-on scripts such as blog software that can be installed with just a few clicks. These add-ons include blogs (WordPress), forums (phpBB), content management (Joomla, Drupal), mailing lists (iContact), photo galleries (coppermine), eCommerce (iPayment), and many more. Integration is as simple as going to the "Go Daddy Hosting Connection" section and clicking on the add-on you desire then clicking "Install".


Go Daddy guarantees 99.9% uptime using data centers located across the world. They have full network redundancy, and a 24/7 on-site security staff to ensure your website stays up and running and secure. The perform daily backups of your data and host your website on multiple servers using their 4GH technology. All of these features combine for the very reliable, fast service that Go Daddy has become known for delivering.

Marketing Tools

Go Daddy offers a lot of marketing tools and credits for you to advertise your site at no extra charge.

  • Integrated Google Webmaster Tools - optimize your site for top search results
  • Integrated Google Analytics - see who is visiting your site and how they get to it
  • $100 Google AdWords Credit
  • $50 Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search Credits
  • $50 Facebook Ad Credit
  • Premium Search Engine Submission

Go Daddy has a SEO services feature which integrates Google Adwords and search engine submission into their management page. By signing up for this service for $5.99/mo, Go Daddy will optimize your site, give you suggestions for improving your search engine visibility, and submit your site to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask search engines with one click. This service will also integrate Google Adwords with your site allowing you to set monthly ad budgets to optimize your marketing and drive visitors to your site.

Go Daddy also collects visitor statistics and site traffic information helping you determine how your visitors are getting to your site and what links they click on while browsing your site. This is offered through Google Analytics integration which is a really nice, easy to use feature..

Customer Support

Although Go Daddy lacks live chat support, they offer 24/7 phone and email support. Go Daddy responds to emails in less than 24 hours but can have longer phone wait times during peak hours. Their support staff is knowledgeable and courteous. Go Daddy does have great online support with forums, blogs, and video tutorials at your disposal and easily searchable.

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Go Daddy is quick and easy to use. The price is more expensive but the extra few bucks is worth the speed. You get a lot of good tutorials on how to do things, and you can set up your website and server fast.
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